GovOnline System

ONE STOP Solution for Public Users and Agency Officials

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What is and Why Choose GovOnline?

It is a web-based "Permits/Licenses" and "Online Services" management system. It allows public users and agency officials to collaborate all activities anywhere, anytime through internet. No matter what kind of role you're playing, GovOnline system provides many benefits to save your time, money and efforts. It makes your works more efficient and easier.  Learn more about GovOnline System. & Learn more for your benefits.

Major Features of GovOnline

Major features of GovOnline are Licenses & Permits which include Construction Permit, Quick Home Improvement Permits, Rental Re-Occupancy Inspection, Dog/Cat licenses ... etc and Online Services (Pay Tax/Sewer Online, Make Requests Online, Register Events Online and Make Notification Online). System offers "Submit Permit Application online", "Review Permit Application online", "Manage Inspection Activities online" and "Track all Applications Status online" for the public users and agency officials. Learn more about current GovOnline features.

How GovOnline Work?

GovOnline could be hosted as an in-house or SaaS (Software as a Service, or cloud) based system. It allows public users and agency officials to collaborate their activities through internet. Learn more about GovOnline operations.

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